eduAFRIQUE 2020

March 12 – March 14 2019 

Sofitel Abidjan Hotel Ivoire

eNovations Networking & Consulting SARL

eNovations Networking & Consulting is a duly registered educational consultancy firm in Cote D’Ivoire and with networking branches in Burkina Faso, Guinea and Mali.


Our activity focus is on the Francophone African countries as the region battles under-development in the name of language barrier (English Language) thus limiting the much potential to explore the world, individual development cum macro growth/exposure and attract diverse unrestricted foreign investments.


Through the years of its existence, the promoting company eNovations Networking & Consulting SARL has turned into a well-known brand in terms of promoting and facilitating international partnerships and cooperation amongst local and international universities, study abroad for prospective students, students placement & faculty mobility and fostering cross-border academic relationships in order to grow the educational sector of the country most importantly the dearth of qualitative education as witnessed in the country.

The company is an educational and management consultant promoting bilingualism as the reality of the English language as a language for business interactions and international relationships becomes inevitable. Understanding the education framework of the country, the company majors in drawing qualitative course contents for universities academic programs, establish and manage a Standard English language department of client universities, training and capacity development and many more.


eduAFRIQUE is an innovative, initiative and brilliant brainwork of eNovations Networking & Consulting SARL, the first ever International Education Exhibition with a spice for on-the-spot credential evaluations and admissions, embassy information assessment and on-the-spot scholarship award for secondary, higher and professional education, Study Abroad and Student Services.


The exposition is designed to meet the incessant demand of local students who seeks study abroad opportunity options and the demands also of our numerous international university partners who seek foreign students to diversify their academic environment and create a large multilingual network of students within their university community.

Our services 

  • Promoting qualititative Academic Programs and Contents for Client Universities
  • Study Abroad Programs for teeming populations,

  • Attracting International Partnerships and Cooperation coordination for local Universities,

  • Student Placements and Exchange Program Facilitation

  • Development and Management of the English language department for Client Universities

  • Human capital Development & Entrepreneurship

  • Human Resources Recruitment for International Organisations

  • Competency Evaluation and Assessment

  • Recruitment Agents to International Institutions

  • Coordinates Summer Schools Language and Intercultural excursions to partner institutions abroad

  • General Educational and Management Consultancy Services.



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