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Marketing Campaign

Direct Marketing

  • Holding presentations and distributing flyers in almost all schools in the country;

  • Transportation of students from universities;

  • More than 3000 000 information bulletins in our database for the marked subscribers;

  • Direct communication with different universities and education  Societies/organisations;

  • Spreading information on the event via our partner education societies/organisations.

The entire above-mentioned are experienced marketing activities and popularity of the event and which will represent the key-path to the success of the exhibition.

Through the years of its existence, the promoting company eNovations Networking & Consulting SARL has turned into a well-known brand in terms of promoting international partnerships and cooperation amongst local universities, study abroad for prospective students and fostering cross-border academic relationships.


The advertising and marketing campaign of the event includes all communication resources that can be employed to stimulate and attract many people’s interest as possible, in order to reach maximum efficiency.

The strategy includes:

• Intensive advertising campaigns in different media outlets;

• TV presentation before and during the event;

• Intensive advertising via internet;

• A scrupulously planned advertisement by means of the social net.