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Perfect Demographics


No. of students registered for French BAC (Exams in June 2019)  = 618,000 Students

No. of students registered for Local BAC (Exams in July 2019)      = 483,000 Students

No. of private candidates registered for both BAC exams               = 331,000 Students

Total No. of students seeking admission by September                   = 1,432,000 Students

Students with BAC and yet to secure university admissions           = 2,100,000 Students

Potential target market for student recruitment               = 3,532,000 Students



Why March 2020?

  1. Graduating Terminale/High school classes French Baccalaureate  examinations are taken in June with results out around late July/August.

  2. Local Ivorian Baccalaureate examinations equivalent to the French BAC are taken in July with results out around late July.

  3. By late July, all results are out and the students begin their search for a university education.

  4. Also, it is a French country thus for your institution, you prepare them to begin language classes in preparation and transition into the degree programs. In this case, we advise you partake in this as what we offer is instant student admission with high feasibility of starting your university programs by September 2020.

More than 50% of undergraduate students, graduate students and senior schoolchildren in Cote D’Ivoire are currently looking for education opportunities overseas. 

The existing result shows that Cote D’Ivoire’s education sector has significantly expanded and developed for recent years.

Today, the Ivorian Education sector accounts for thus-:

  • Ivorian’s tertiary education population – over 3,000,000 students;

  • Ivorian’s high school education population – 4,000,000 students

  • Ivorian’s general education -  12,000,000 pupils;

  • 2300 000 entrants take national examinations annually.